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Thermaxx Jackets

Removable Insulation in New York City, NY

New York City has passed legislation in the last ten years, such as LL87, which mandates buildings over 50,000 gross sq. feet undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures, as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan (GGBP). With fines up to $5,000 issued to those who don’t comply, it’s clear that going green is more than just a suggestion in NYC. Insulation upgrades are included in these retro-commissioning measures, and Thermaxx Jackets has you covered!

NYC DCAS Contracts Thermaxx Jackets to Improve Energy Efficiency

Hot Insulation Jackets for Steam Pipes, Boilers and more.

Traditional stay-in-place pipe insulation and pipe wraps may meet the requirements of NYC’s LL87 for some simple pipes. However, removable insulation jackets can be the superior choice for pipes and components that require regular maintenance. In addition, many valves and components of highly irregular shape cannot be insulated practically with stay-in-place insulation. Read more about the best way to insulate steam pipes.