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Kitchen Energy Solutions

Kitchen Energy Solutions

Kitchen Energy Solutions is a division of Air Solutions & Balancing with over 15 years of experience with turnkey demand control kitchen ventilation (DCKV) systems. With energy managers, energy auditors and certified technicians, they are able to solve your kitchen energy savings needs!

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

In commercial kitchens, exhaust and supply fans are running continuously throughout the day – even when little to no cooking is taking place! Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation (DCKV) systems will automatically control the speed of these units by measuring the level of cooking activity.


The ecoAZUR system is the pinnacle of this technology, offering the highest energy savings available and unmatched performance. See below to learn more about the benefits of the ecoAZUR system and see how much you can save!

Partner Showcase

Kitchen Energy Solutions, ecoAZUR DCKV, brings energy savings to kitchen heating and cooling in the most efficient way possible.


If you are interested in learning more about Kitchen Energy Solutions, or would like to receive a Consultation for your facilities kitchen ventilation needs; please send us a message.

We provide a no pressure atmosphere during our meetings. We offer both live webinars with our Partners included, or scheduled phone meetings with an IESG Energy Expert.

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