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Richard Costello



Meet Richard Costello, “hall of famer”, the Energy Managers Hall of Fame from 2006, that is. Costello has been batting home runs in the energy field for years. Three years previous to the hall of fame honor, Costello received the 2003 Energy Professional of the Year Award from the Association of Energy Engineers, of which he is a past president. These days, Costello, P.E., is the president of Acela Energy Group, a Massachusetts-based energy consulting group specializing in energy procurement, load management, energy conservation training, auditing, and onsite wind and solar generation projects. His experience and knowledge base touches upon multiple platforms: load management, utility services, energy conservation, power, natural gas, and tariff-related negotiations and agreements.

Previously, Costello has served as the power supply manager for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority as well as a senior engineer in Boston Edison’s load management department. Costello is not keeping all of that knowledge and experience to himself; he teaches the next generation of energy professionals as an instructor for the Association of Energy Engineers. Pick a topic, and chances are he’s certified to teach it: Costello holds certifications as an energy manager, energy procurement professional, lighting efficiency professional, demand-side management professional, green building engineer, and business energy professional. He is certified in building energy and sustainability training, and is a qualified energy analyst. As if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Costello also provides business and sales consulting services to energy service companies across the country.

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