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Greffen Systems Intelligent Boiler Control System

M2G Advanced Load Monitoring ALM Solution

The next tier of proven energy savings has arrived. Hear from Greffen Systems' CEO and Founder Frank Salensky and satisfied M2G Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Solution customers, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors and CBRE.

Energy efficiency solution for Industrial and Commercial boiler applications.

Greffen Systems M2G Intelligent Boiler Control System

The M2G is an advanced intelligent boiler control that optimizes the heating efficiency of hot water boilers. A unit attached to each boiler monitors the temperature of the water in the flow and return every 10 seconds and the information is recorded, along with the heat transfer rates at both the first and second stage firings.

When a loading demand is made, the M2G system automatically checks the latest data it has stored and decides whether it is more economical to retain first stage firing or to introduce a second stage firing. The result is a substantial fuel reduction during less demanding situations while ensuring maximum capacity during heavy load periods.