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Pure Air Control Services

Pure Air Control Services

Our Energy Partners, Pure Air Control Services, are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of Indoor Air Quality. They provide IAQ testing and HVAC/IAQ restoration services.


HVAC System Cleaning

PURE-Steam™ HVAC coil cleaning is an innovative method to restore not only the evaporator coils, but the entire interior of an air handling unit (AHU) to near factory specification from both a performance and cleanliness perspective.

This service is a comprehensive indoor air quality and energy efficiency forward solution that is the only Green Clean Institute certified process in North America.

Building Decontamination

PURE DECON is a combination of services that can be utilized to disinfect interior spaces, air conveyance ductwork and HVAC equipment. It employs a variety of methods, equipment and EPA registered Disinfectants for Emerging Pathogens, or DEP. The specific methods and DEP used is engineered to the situation, building type/use and HVAC system. PURE-Decon services go far beyond traditional disinfection by permeating areas in the ambient space and HVAC system never touched by topical cleaning.


HVAC Restoration

Building owners and operators are often faced with the challenges of aging HVAC equipment. It can be difficult to make the hard choice between an endless stream of maintenance calls or the capital expense of total replacement. This is especially true when there is a large inventory units being managed. Since the basic mechanical design and components of an AHU has remained the same, it can be hygienically restored with HVAC New Life™ instead of a total replacement!

Air Cleaning Technologies

HVAC New Life combines our powerful PURE-Steam™ HVAC Hygienic cleaning with an exceptional coating and liner process to effectively restore an AHU for many years of continued service.


HVAC + Building IAQ

Pure Air Control Services, HVAC Hygienic Assessment precisely lets you know the impact your HVAC system has on your facilities Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and bottom line. Over time your HVAC system can become dirty which in turn can decrease its performance and degrade your facility’s IAQ to the detriment of the occupants’ health.

24/7 Monitoring

Pure Air Control Services, Building Health Check is a comprehensive suite of testing, analysis and reporting services for the evaluation of the indoor environment based upon HVAC zones. It combines field and laboratory assays of the biological conditions and performance of a building to provide actionable data for corrective measures.

Pure Air Control’s Building Health Check program should be an integral part of any facility’s preventative maintenance budget and planning.

HVAC New Life Restoration

Pure Air Control Services is committed to excellence in all aspects of Indoor Air Quality.


If you are interested in learning more about Pure Air Control Services, or would like to receive a Building Health Check Consultation for your facilities; please send us a message.

We provide a no pressure atmosphere during our meetings. We offer both live webinars with our Partners included, or scheduled phone meetings with an IESG Energy Expert.

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