Usource Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

Usource is a premier provider of energy procurement and management services for commercial, industrial and institutional customers. With its deep industry expertise and comprehensive suite of services, Usource advisors help clients navigate the complexities of the deregulated electric and gas markets.

Energy Advisory

Usource is a premier energy advisory company that provides customized energy management and procurement services to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. We have been serving clients since 1999 and currently manage the energy strategies of over 1,200 companies.

Tailored Energy Strategies

With a comprehensive suite of services, Usource tailors each energy strategy to a client’s specific goals and objectives.

Energy Management Consulting

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “insulating steam distribution lines can typically reduce energy losses by 90% and help ensure proper steam pressure at plant equipment.” While this statistic can easily convince you that insulating your steam lines must be a priority, it doesn’t offer any advice on the best way to insulate your steam pipes.

Usource represents you – not the energy supplier

Our expertise is your strength in a competitive market. Senior level advisors and consultants with years of experience in the energy industry. Data and analytic tools allow our experts to develop well informed, independent viewpoints on the market. Customized energy procurement strategy solutions for our clients based on fact based analytical data and a high-level of consulting experience.

Suit of Services

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