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Energy and Sustainability

With the growing concern of global warming and carbon footprints, corporate social responsibility has led to an increase in energy efficiency awareness. AKF is a leader in providing the engineering services needed to reduce the environmental impact and energy use of buildings.

AKF provides a variety of services to deliver high performance systems and minimize building energy use; utilizing our staff of Professional Engineers, LEED AP’s, Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Certified Energy Auditors (CEA), Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP) and Building Energy Modeling Professionals (BEMP). Together with our sustainability focused subsidiary In Posse, AKF has a broad range of experience in making existing buildings more efficient and new building design more sustainable.

Leverage the very best information

Our capabilities include energy audits, sustainable design and a comprehensive range of analysis and modeling skills including daylight, energy modeling and computational fluid dynamics analysis. We provide LEED engineering, design and commissioning services for new and existing buildings, utilizing all LEED rating systems at all levels of certification. AKF has extensive experience using local rebate and incentive programs, which helps minimize the cost associated with energy efficiency.

A Low cost way to improve the efficiency

The analysis and testing of current building operations is a low cost way to improve the efficiency of your facility. Integrity Energy Solutions Group is proud to announce a joint venture with AKF Analysis and Testing. AKF Analysis and Testing has over 40 years of industry experience serving one of the largest cities in the world, New York City.

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