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Integrity Energy Solutions Group is proud to announce our partnership with GenPro!

People and relationships build the foundation of our business, and when you work with GenPro, you’ll be assured of service that transcends sales. We understand that the only way we grow is by helping you grow, so we take the time to listen, to understand your business and to recommend cost saving, energy efficient solutions that really fit and really work! Our service and support team’s high level of technical expertise ensures you won’t be oversold or undersold. Our dedication to our clients ensures that each customer receives a reliable, system and cost-saving energy solutions every time.

We deliver customized, bankable energy solutions, Guaranteed!

GenPro was founded by Dwight Patterson in Rapid City, South Dakota. GenPro quickly became the region’s foremost expert on renewable energy integration and product offerings. GenPro is focused on three major industry sectors including fluid delivery (solar water Pumping and filtration), energy efficiency and solar powered solutions. Serving over two-hundred dealers globally, GenPro’s name has become recognized as the leader in customized energy solutions.

GenPro Named to Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors List

66For two years running, GenPro Energy Solutions, based out of Piedmont, SD, has been named as one of the nation’s top solar contractors by Solar Power World, a leading publication and educational resource for the solar industry. GenPro Energy Solutions is the only company in SD, ND and NE to make the list.

At GenPro we offer an extensive array of products that covers all aspects of solar!

Solar Energy-Photovoltaic

GenPro supplies hundreds of photovoltaic modules for the off-grid, grid-tie and custom power market. We offer mono, poly and thin-film technologies for any application. Whether you are searching for the best solar module for an installation in Alaska or the best technology for desert climates, GenPro has the right module for you. As a full-line distributor, GenPro has a broad selection of inverters, balance-of-system components, batteries, racking, wire, DC components and full packaged solutions.

Solar PanelsSolar Panels (10 products)

Solar modules come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1-300+ watts. Each module design is specific to a need in the industry. Voltages range from 12 VDC nominal up to 60 VDC nominal on an individual solar module. High voltages are typically used for solar water pumping and other direct drive applications where lower voltages allow for bigger string sizing for grid-tie applications.

Speciality Solar Powered Products (15 products) 

GenPro offers the most advanced specialized solar powered products. The SOLR-SUN Light Tower is one of todays most advanced and reliable solar LED light towers. Developed for the rental market and mining industry, the SOLR-SUN Light Tower is a heavy-duty, Made in USA product. GenPro also offers a line of solar powered air compressors developed for the remediation market.

solar system packagesSolar System Packages (32 products) 

Solar system packages are available for grid-tie and off-grid applications. GenPro will design a customized system to fit the individual needs of our client. Component selection is key to the success of any solar package and the proper mating of technologies. GenPro has SEI, ASES and NABCEP certified sales engineers to assist in the specification and selection of product.

Solar Racking and Tracking Solutions (35 products) 

GenPro Energy Solutions provides custom photovoltaic (PV) mounting solutions for your project, including ground mounts, roof mounts, top-of-pole and solar tracking arrays.

67Balance of System (88 products) 

The balance of system or BOS includes all components of the PV system other than the solar panels. GenPro’s line of batteries, inverters, wiring and switches contains best-in-class products for both grid-tie and off-grid systems.

Solar Power Inverters (53 products) 

A solar inverter converts the variable (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar module into utility grade frequency alternating current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network. It is a critical component in a PV system, allowing the use of ordinary commercial appliances. Solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with PV arrays, including maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and anti-islanding protection.

solar pump systemsSolar Pump Systems 

LORENTZ pumps are the world’s most efficient solar pump. They are used for deep well pumping, pressurization, irrigation, home water systems, mobile systems, water purification systems, filtration and pool circulation, pond aeration and livestock watering. With the widest array of pump models in our market, there are few limits to the applications and scale our pump systems can be designed for. Our certified dealer and installation partners will size the optimal water pump system for your needs. GenPro is a Premier Distribution Partner for LORENTZ for the Northern USA, Canada, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Ground Water Applications (44 products) 

The LORENTZ line of solar water pumps are the most efficient solar pump available today.  With 0-3200 feet of lift range, the LORENTZ solar water pump offers the greatest versatility in the industry.

Surface Irrigation PumpsIrrigation Applications (35 products) 

With LORENTZ’s advancement in Solar Pump technologies, we are now able to provide high pressure as well as high volume flow rates for a myriad of applications. LORENTZ’s line of irrigation pumps are capable of delivering the most demanding water requirements.

Surface Pumping Applications (12 products) 

The advancement in LORENTZ’s surface pumping systems has lead to creative solutions for many different agricultural markets.  Whether flood, drip or pressurized applications, LORENTZ has the right surface pump for you.

Pool & Recreation Applications (2 products) 

LORENTZ has a range of pool pumps that use zero electricity and have a long life. Additional benefits come from quiet operation and modular construction for simple maintenance. LORENTZ pool pumps are a compelling proposition for home­owners and commercial pool operators in a sector where operating costs need to be minimized.

Oil & Gas Applications (2 products) 

LORENTZ has developed a complete line of Oil and Gas solar powered pumps.  These pumps are capable of lifting oil or dewatering gas wells from 3200 feet.

Leachate ApplicationsLeachate Applications (1 products) 

LORENTZ solar water pumps can be used for leachate applications to remove waste water and liquid from spill sites or landfills.

Solar Pump Accessories (4 products) 

Accessories for LORENTZ solar pumps including float switches, switching devices, power packs and low water sensors.

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