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Enovative’s mission is to advance the quality of life by creating an energy and water efficient society.

At Enovative, we believe that energy efficiency is the easiest and most cost sensible approach to reducing our energy consumption. This is why we are dedicated to both researching and producing the next generation of energy efficiency solutions. The Enovative AutoHot Systems are our line of energy efficient technologies that reduce the waste of precious resources through intelligent automation and strategic design. Less waste means reduced expenses, so our AutoHot Systems will keep your wallet as green as the environment.

How often do you actually consider your hot water, which automatically appears from your shower and faucet each day? Chances are that you do not, except for those annoying occasions when it takes an extraordinarily long time for the hot water to get there.

This problem is easily solved, however, with the installation of a hot water recirculation pump.  This device rapidly draws hot water from your boiler and sends it quickly throughout the piping system to your awaiting needs.  But not all recirculation pumps are created equal.  Most pumps are designed to run continuously, wasting vast amounts of energy, raising excessive utility expenses, and increasing unnecessary pressure on pipes, leading to premature deterioration.

That is where we come in. The Enovative AutoHot demand controller uses smart sensing technology to measure water flow and temperature to turn the pump off when it does not need to run.  In many large apartment buildings this may only be an hour per day or less, compared with 24/7 cycle of conventional pumps. This represents the most effective and efficient method of operating a hot water recirculation pump that is available to building owners.

Are you waiting for hot water?

Get hot water quickly with an AutoHot on demand pump control for single family, mutil-family homes, & commercial buildings!

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Reduce recirculation loop losses and increase water heating efficiency!

If you are waiting more than 10 seconds for hot water to arrive after you turn on your faucet or shower, you are waiting too long. Using an AutoHot™ on demand pump control with a recirculation pump will enable you to get hot water at your fixtures almost instantly. Not only is this convenient, but it is the most efficient way to save water and energy in your plumbing system.

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