gas meterDid you know or do you remember that at one time all of New York’s energy utilities companies once operated under a regulated monopoly?

That was the past and now you have a choice! The energy services that were offered in the past are now split up into 2 separate parts, one being the “supply portion” and the other the “delivery portion”.

It is the “supply portion” that you can shop around for and in today’s competitive market, there are many companies available to you. These companies are called (ESCO’S) or “Energy Service Companies”.

Here at Integrity Energy Solutions Group, we have done the legwork for you and have shopped around comparing different ESCO’S rates, service and policies. This will insure that the ESCO’S that we recommend to you, have the best pricing on the market and have your best interests in mind. Please browse our website, read all the information provided and then click onto “Gas Deregulation” or “Electricity Deregulation” which can be found by mousing over the main “Deregulation tab” Here you will find after an extensive search, our recommended company of choice “Usource Your Trusted Energy Advisor”. We are sure you will agree that Usource has everything you need bundled into one company.

Contact Us with Phone NumberAs we work together, we can show you how to put more of your hard earned money back into your pocket and explain deregulation so it is easy to understand. We will help you make well educated informed decisions, explain how to conserve energy and at the same time show you how your actions and decisions will help the environment.