IESG and Thermaxx NO Cost Heat Loss Survey

No Cost heat loss survey – IESG partners with Thermaxx

Brooklyn, New York

IESG Integrity Energy Solutions Group - no cost heat loss survey

Integrity Energy Solutions Group  was founded with the purpose of providing
our clients with economic and sustainable solutions to attain efficient energy
output while providing substantial returns on their investments.

Learn more about our No Cost heat loss survey below.

IESG is partnered with Thermaxx Jackets, a manufacturer of form fitting removable
insulation blankets for pipes, valves, steam traps and heavy equipment.

Thermaxx Jackets are designed for use in extremely high and low temperatures.
Applications include universities, hospitals, factories, LNG facilities and residential

Thermaxx Insulation Jackets - no cost heat loss survey

No Cost Heat Loss Survey

The use of Thermaxx Jackets on piping will reduce energy costs without the cost
or difficulty associated with hard insulation.

Facility managers, Engineers and Energy personnel in the North Eastern Tri-State area
in the United States are encouraged to register for the IESG no-cost heat loss survey.

About the Owner:

Terry McTigue, CEO and Founder of Integrity Energy Solutions Group, an energy
company that provides business owners, property managers, commercial and industrial
companies along with residential consumers, all of the information needed along
with the correct blend of products and services so an educated informed decision
can be made to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities and homes maximizing
their savings on their energy bills achieves client goals by working directly with clients.

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