At Integrity Energy Solutions Group, the goal is simple…

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Integrity Energy Solutions Group was founded with the purpose of providing its clients with economic and sustainable energy solutions.  More importantly, help its clients reduce their carbon footprint, which in return will help make our planet a greener and better place to live for generations to come! IESG will show business owners & property managers how to make educated, informed decisions in order to realize maximum savings on their energy bills. This will be done by teaching in-depth energy conservation techniques, identifying and uncovering the most common energy wasting areas and providing products and services to ensure the continued practice of energy efficiency, conservation and cost effective solutions.

What’s more, we have done the hard work so you don’t have to! We have researched and taken the time to find nothing but the best companies, products and services that you need in order to make a difference in your company’s bottom line.

Integrity Energy Solutions Group will consistently seek out the latest technologies to refine and better appropriate the use of energy throughout any commercial or industrial location. We work with businesses in all sectors to provide and implement cost-effective products and services already actively being put to use.

Remember, the utilities that we pay for in today’s world are no different than before, yet their costs are exponentially rising every year. Let Integrity Energy Solutions Group  show you the way as we provide our clients with economic and sustainable solutions to attain efficient energy output while providing quick returns on their investments. The added bonus that is also realized, is that we are helping to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gasses which in return is helping to make our planet a greener better place to live not only for all of us, but for generations to come!

Energy Solutions Today, Energy Savings Tomorrow!

Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s)

“Yes” you do have a choice and the savings can be substantial! Which one should you be using for the best rates? Which one is the most cost effective so you can maximize your savings? We have the answers you need to know!

Energy Audits

Our “Certified Energy Auditors” will explain why having an energy audit is one of the most important things you can do to uncover energy waste in your business or home and show potential errors in billing which can significantly impact your bottom line. Once completed, you can rest assured that you will be well on your way towards conserving energy and becoming more energy efficient.


At Integrity Energy Solutions Group, we are always looking for the best companies and the latest technologies, products and services that will make a difference not only for your facilities bottom line, but ones that will help the world we live in as well. Below is a brief description of the marketing partner’s products and services that are offered through Integrity Energy Solutions Group. Please contact us with any and all questions you may have or click onto each company to get more information.

3M GLASS ENERGY: Glass Energy is the East Coast’s premier provider of 3M sun control and heat rejection window film products. 3M window film reduces heat, annoying glare and harmful UV rays and provides all season benefits.

 AKF Analysis & Testing Services: AKF is a leader in providing the engineering services needed to reduce the environmental impact and energy use of buildings. They have a  wide selection of products and services to deliver high performance systems minimizing energy use.

BuildingIQ: With their Predictive Energy Optimization cloud based software, BuildingIQ’s software is designed to work with a building BMS that will improve energy efficiency in large complex commercial, public or academic building’s.

Enovative: Using their AutoHot on demand pump control with recirculation pump, you can now expect to get your hot water at your fixtures almost instantly! Not only is this convenient, but it is the most efficient way to save water and energy in your plumbing system.

 Genpro: Genpro is focused on three major industry sectors including fluid delivery (solar water pumping and filtration), energy efficiency and solar powered solutions. Serving over two hundred dealers globally, GenPro’s name has become recognized as the leader in customized energy solutions.

 Greffen SystemsThis company’s signature product is the M2G system which is an advanced intelligent boiler control system. By concentrating on overall boiler efficiency this will significantly reduce energy consumption through elimination of wasteful burner firing and effectively spreads the system loading demand over the number of installed boilers.

Thermaxx: designs and manufactures removable insulation jackets for pipes, steam system components and various industrial equipment. The use of Thermaxx jackets on your piping will reduce energy costs without the cost or difficulty associated with hard insulation.

 Usource: is a premier provider of energy procurement and management services for commercial industrial and institutional customers. With it’s deep industry expertise and comprehensive suite of services, Usource advisors help clients navigate the complexities of the deregulated electric and gas markets.

The Bottom Line

Let Integrity Energy Solutions Group, be your portal that you can use for all of your energy needs. We have done the homework so you don’t have to and have taken the time to research and make sure that we offer nothing but the best companies, products and services. Now it is your choice. Take the time to go through all that is offered and be sure to ask as many questions as needed so you can make a well-informed decision for your companies needs. Simple changes will have significant impacts not only on your companies bottom line but also for the environment as well. Let Integrity Energy Solutions Group show you the way!